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ABOUT US (Information based on the Japanese law concerning mail order) is owned and operated by INTER-LAB CORPORATION.
The name "INTER" reflects Inter-Lab's focus and is a cumulation of the words International, Interactive, Interesting and Internet. The goal of is to offer products of interest to people who have a desire to be closer to Japan's culture, history, customs and crafts.
Though the Internet is an excellent tool in making products available to people from all over the world, has no interest in the marketing of inferior items, and as such takes great pride in continuing to provide quality in favor of quantity.
To this end, is always looking for more interesting or higher quality items at reasonable prices that we feel do justice to our country's crafts and culture, as well as the craftsmen who make them.
Since the inception of Inter-Lab Corporation in December 2000 and the opening of in April 2001, we have and will continue to take pride in supplying high quality products to discerning customers from all over the world.

As we all know, the advance of modern technology and industry throughout the world can adversely affect how we regard our cultural assets. Younger generations increasingly show little or no interest in the trades and skills of their elders. With the passing of time, the numbers of skilled craftsmen will surely decline throughout the world. This is something that would hope to delay or even prevent by re-generating international and local interest in customs, culture and crafts starting with Japan.

Furthermore, is interested in communication and interchange of culture and customs, eventually hoping to provide items of interest from many countries around the world for sale to our local Japanese customers.

The world's increasingly borderless environment, while allowing fast paced communication and large scale business throughout the world, also poses a threat to each country's cultural identity, customs and crafts. While understanding that although these advances in our global society can of course be beneficial, we also feel that due caution is needed in order to protect and preserve each country's culture, customs and crafts. hopes that through the introduction of Japan's crafts and culture that you will also take deeper interest in your own country's culture, customs and crafts too.

Although is only a tiny part of the large borderless world that we all inhabit, we sincerely hope that our activities can contribute to the preservation of, and generation of interest in the many cultures, customs and crafts throughout the globe.

site name  ZEN-SHOP.NET
(Corporate Registration # 0301-02-004425, Japan) 
representative  Hiroshi Nagayama
address  Higashida5-6-50, Honjo-city, Saitama, Japan, 367-0021
phone #  +81-090-3693-3978 (Japan)
order  We are only able to accept e-mail or fax order.
payment method  (1) Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, AMERICAN EXPRESS, JCB,
Diners Club International)

 (2) International postal money order

 (3) Western Union money transfer
tax  Japanese consumption tax is included in each price
shipping  Generally within 7-10 days from your mail or fax order. Shipping costs are excluded in each price
 *In case of (2) International postal money order and (3) Western Union money transfer, our shipping will be done after our receipt of the total amount due.
refunds/returns  If you want to return your goods, you must do so within 8 days from your receipt. Refunds are possible up to 8 days of receipt of your goods; however, shipping costs will not be reimbursed.
Our samurai dolls current TV programs, broadcasted by NHK

Shutoken Network
In June, 2005, was introduced in the following TV programs of NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation. as a unique website combining the Internet and the Japanese traditional crafts.

June 7 "Shutoken Network" (Tokyo metropolitan network) -New Business Front-
June 10 "Shutoken Network" (Tokyo metropolitan network) -Weekly Topics-
June 21 "Ogenkidesuka Nippon-rettou" -Topics all over Japan-

Ogenkidesuka Nippon-rettou

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