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݂ "Miyabi", beauty in the Heian- period
A typical princess doll wearing beautiful ancient court costumes of the Heian period (794-1191). The costume is called the juuni-hitoe (twelve-layered ceremonial robe). This is specially designed by Zen-shop with Nahiko, which cannot be found at any other Japanese doll shop in the world.

gorgeous Kicho screen
Unlike the former models, we now use the detailed head designs of the greatest Kashirashi (head craftsman) of present Japan. Likewise, the body is of the highest quality, reproduced faithfully by Mr. Kuroda, one of the greatest body craftsman, to portray the style and feeling of a traditional kimono by piling up the cloth in different size. We encourage comparisons with other stores; we feel so confident in our product's unique nature.

Mr. Kuroda
Body craftsman

(V 5.1)
handmade by Nahiko
platform size
W 450mm~
D 360mm, necessary depth: 420 mm
(W 17.7"~
D 14.2", necessary depth: 16.5")
total height 400 mm (15.7")
presented with a wooden name plate, a black wooden base covered with bamboo
and a Kicho screen, as can be seen above.