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Samurai warrior or general wearing yoroi armor Samurai warrior or general wearing yoroi armor
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handmaking samurai dollthe battle of KawanakajimaWe are adjacent to the town of Iwatsuki, which has the highest production output of dolls in Japan and the town is literally called "the town of the doll". We guarantee our production system, which is one of consistency and high quality through our skilled craftsmen.
We are also working actively on the development of unique new dolls which are not conventional and we recommend each of them with confidence.
We were temporarily out of stock due to the immense popularity of our three types of dolls last year. They are the lines that are most frequently referred to and needed.
With the cooperation of doll and yoroi armor manufacturers, we have at last built up a stable system to meet your demand. Since we have reduced manufacturing costs, we can now offer more reasonable prices for our products.
Please enjoy these high quality samurai dolls that, even in Japan, are difficult to find.
Our samurai dolls on TV programs, broadcasted by NHK

Shutoken Network
In June, 2005, was introduced in the following TV programs of NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation. as a unique website combining the Internet and the Japanese traditional crafts.

June 7 "Shutoken Network" (Tokyo metropolitan network) -New Business Front-
June 10 "Shutoken Network" (Tokyo metropolitan network) -Weekly Topics-
June 21 "Ogenkidesuka Nippon-rettou" -Topics all over Japan-

Ogenkidesuka Nippon-rettou
To maintain the doll's beauty, a doll case is recommended for display. If you would like to see our special doll cases, see DOLL CASE page.

Regarding the items in this category, for the time being, could you please refer to the Japanese site "Sengoku-do" so that you can confirm the newest information. "Sengoku-do" is the unique site specializing in the Japanese Samurai dolls.
Samurai-doll collection, Sengoku-do
We are giving a special 20-50% discount to every samurai doll order.

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