Hunt for Gold Online Slots Overview

Hunt for Gold is a 5 reel slot game with 5 paylines that can be activated or deactivated at any time. This game offers a betting range from 0.01 to 2.00 credits per line. The reels are filled with typical slot machine symbols such as cherries, lucky 7’s, bells and treasure chests.

There are 2 bonus games plus a progressive jackpot offering multiple ways to boost winnings.

The auto-play function allows players to set up how many spins they wish to play in a row and when to stop the spins. Spins may also be stopped manually. When using the auto-play function, the double up or triple up feature is not available.

The paytable allows players to access information on winning combinations and feature games and is easily accessible. Payouts are done from left to right and right to left in this game.

Dynamite Feature Game and Scatter Symbols

The dynamite feature game is trigger when 5 treasure chests appear in the reels. This will lead to a mini game where player’s will awarded up to 4 sticks of dynamite. The dynamite will reveal treasure chests and players must choose a chest to reveal a winning amount. Players may choose to accept that chest or open another. The totals will not be added together and players will risk ending up with a smaller amount if more than 1 chest is opened. If the highest possible winning amount is revealed then the game is automatically ended and players will be returned to the reels. The highest amount a player can win will be up to 111 times the amount bet.

The scatter symbols are a gold ring, which will appear around the normal symbols. Scatters will only payout if the total bet placed is less than 0.10 per line.  3 scatter symbols will award 15 times the bet staked, 4 scatters will award 60 times while 5 scatters will award 300 times.

Double or Triple Up and Jackpots

Hunt for Treasure has a double or triple up feature which is awarded on all wins except scatter, jackpot and feature wins. Players may choose to try their luck boosting their winnings by selecting to double or triple up. The double up game offers players the choice of 4 symbols. Selecting the correct symbol will award double the winnings.

The triple up options offers 3 choices and awards triple the payout should the correct symbol be selected. Each time the player selects the correct symbol; they will have the option to try again up to 10 times before returning to the reels. If an incorrect selection is made, the winnings will be lost. This feature is not available when using the auto-play feature.

The online casino bonus feature occurs when 3 or more scatter symbols appear offering the chance to spin either the bronze, silver or gold wheels. The wheels contain winning amounts, jackpot or arrows. If landing on a winning amount, the game is over and players will be returned back to the reels. If a players lands on an arrow, they will get the chance to spin the higher-level wheel.