A Basic Guide to Online Tequila Poker

A single player game, online tequila poker is a digital version of a table poker variation that incorporates elements of blackjack. The gameplay is made even more unique by offering players a choice of two games within the game.

The game is based on five-card draw poker. Blackjack is a card comparing game also known as 21, because one of the player’s goals is to get the value of their hand of cards as close to 21 as possible.

This poker variation is available in downloadable and instant-play formats, and players have the choice of playing it for free or for real money.

Online Tequila Poker Software

Given the huge number of software developers active in the gaming industry, there are many different versions of online tequila poker. Some are built with good quality software, while others are built with software that some players think should never have seen the light of day.

The quality of the games available depends entirely upon the software. If players choose games produced by leading developers, they can be fairly certain of HD graphics, seamless animations, ambient sound effects, easily navigable interfaces, smooth play, and results determined by certified random number generators.

How to Play Online Tequila Poker

After launching an online tequila poker game, the player would first need to adjust the bet settings to suit their requirements. Once they’ve done that, they can place their ante or opening bet, and then select the Deal button.

The player will then receive four cards face-up and, based on the strength of their hand, must decide whether to Fold, and lose their bet, or to Call, and continue playing. To continue the game, the player will need to place a second bet the same size as the ante.

The player will then receive two more cards. The highest possible ranking five card hand will be formed from those six cards by the online tequila poker software, and the player will be given the choice of continuing with Tequila Poker, or playing High Tequila.

If the player chooses the former and manages to win, they will be paid out even money for their ante bet, and they will be paid out for a pair of aces or better, according to the pay table, for their call bet.

If the player chooses the latter, and manages to win with a hand valued at 46 points or more, the ante will pay even money, and the call bet will pay according to the pay table. Players need to remember that the cards are valued at blackjack points.

Online Tequila Poker Playing Methods

Many online tequila poker games are available in instant-play format. Players will need a computer with an active internet connection to launch and play games in browser, but they will not need to download anything like they may on sites.

Games are also available in downloadable format. Some players prefer downloading software because it ensure they get the full range of games and features.

Real Money Online Tequila Poker

Online tequila poker can be played for free and for real money. The free versions of the games are usually demo versions.

Players would need to make deposits using credit cards, e-wallets, or prepaid cards to play for real money.