Baseball Betting Guide for Punters Online

Thanks to the fact that there are 162 baseball games played over a regular season, the sample size for pitching; hitting; and team statistics is a big one. This makes the latter far more useful to punters than sports which have smaller sample sizes, and almost all punters who enjoy this sport know that using statistics like ERA and the batting average in order to handicap is very useful. Happily, however, there are other tips that bettors can make use of to increase the amount of returns they are able to make, and these are provided 100% free of charge at many different online sites devoted to the task.

Punters Handicapping Baseball Batter Histories See Better Returns

One of the most common mistakes that baseball punters make is limiting their research to only including the overall stats of hitters and pitchers, instead of giving the specific statistics of a particular matchup the attention it deserves. An example of this is that because the season ERA of a pitcher is less than 3.50, or a batter’s batting average exceeds. .300 it is assumed that these players will perform well in the game the punter is considering laying a wager on –these numbers are only part of the story.

Nowadays, punters are able to find out about the specifics of a baseball matchup history, so they are able to view not only how batters and pitchers have fared over their entire careers against the team they are set to compete with in a particular match, but also the details of the particular pitchers and batters that will be faced. The star pitcher may well have a spotless 3.05 ERA in the season in question, but a quick look at his history against the opponents he will be facing in the game the bettor is interested in could well reveal an ERA of 7.84, and show that four batters in the line-up the game will be making use of bat over .400 against him.

Punters who make a point of analysing how baseball batters and pitchers have performed in past match ups can locate great value bets on teams, especially when the overall statistics go against a particular player’s averages.

Punters Win When They Handicap Baseball Bullpens Online

Another very important baseball betting strategy for punters at is the handicapping of bullpens.

Most bettors will focus their attention on the two starting pitchers and the starting line-ups when they handicap a game, and those who do so run the risk of ignoring one of the of the most important aspects of baseball: the bullpen.

Most starting pitchers will throw between 100 and 110 pitches per game, which has the ball in the bullpen’s range for the final 6 to 12 outs. Some teams will have three closer-quality pitchers, and this means that shutting the door in the seventh; eighth; and ninth inning proves no problem at all. Other teams may not have even one closer-quality pitcher that they are able to rely on –bullpen implosions happen all the time, and savvy punters factors this fact in to their everyday handicapping.