Everything You Need To Know About OLG Casino Brantford

The OLG Casino Brantford is a smaller charitable casino based in the historic town of Brantford, Ontario. Brantford is known as the telephone city, as this is where Alexander Graham Bell conducted his first telephonic experiment. The city is old, with many things to offer a traveller including the OLG Casino Brantford.

OLG stands for Ontario Lottery and Gaming who runs many of the smaller casinos or even just the slots part of casinos in Ontario. Opened in 1999, the OLG Casino Brantford has been responsible for drawing a small number of tourists to the city, although this is far fewer than was predicted when the casino was proposed and built. This is mainly due to a large choice of other casinos and slot machines at racetracks in the area. A small portion of the profits from OLG Casino Brantford goes to the Trillium Foundation, and from there gets sent out to various qualified charities. The slot machines themselves provide the City of Brantford with a portion of their revenue.

Games on offer at OLG Casino Brantford

The casino floor is not huge, and plays host to 500 slot and video poker machines as well as 55 table games. The slots range in variety form three reel basic ones with added extras to five reel 3D high definition animated slots.  The table games are quite varied, and range from classics like Caribbean Stud Poker, Blackjack and Let it Ride to lesser known ones such as Spanish 21 and Casino War. All the dealers at the tables are friendly and are quite happy to help players learn to play should they not know the rules.

OLG Casino Brantford is a friendly low-key casino, there are no fancy high limit rooms or complimentary hors d’ oeuvres for only the select few. Everyone is equal and treated with friendliness and respect. There are a few Mighty Millionaires themed games that could put you in the running to win a million dollars, buts that’s about as high roller as it gets. The poker room has 14 varieties of the popular card game, and is open all day and all night. Regular tournaments take place there too, and are open to all players.

Promotions and Dining at OLG Casino Brantford

OLG Casino Brantford has a both a loyalty program and a Winners Circle program that are open to all players. The program has three levels, and players can move up the levels by earning points playing various casino games. At OLG Casino Brantford you must earn points annually and must cycle through $10 per tier point. The bottom rung is called Rewards, which all players start out with. Once enough points are earned you move on to Premier and then to Prestige. Each of these tiers comes with various bonuses like free meals at the restaurant at OLG Casino Brantford.  The main restaurant at the casino is called Getaway and has a full al la carte menu. The Getaway is open for breakfast, lunch and supper and caters not only for players but locals as well. The Getaway Snack Bar is open all the time for players who want to grab a bite or a drink at any time of the night. Complimentary non alcoholic beverages are served on the casino floor.