Find the Best Fruit Machines for Slot Players

Slot machines have always been referred to as fruit machines but in actual fact the fruit machine is only a variation of a slot machine. The main difference between the two is that to gain a favourable outcome with a slot machine players need luck on their side while fruit machines require some skill and interaction.

This is why a slot machine can only be considered a fruit machine if it has an element of skill and interaction which is why they are equipped with certain special bonus features that are used to increase the potential of winning. The best fruit machines that are available online have proven to be quite popular, not only for the convenience they bring, but for the fact that they add some level of intrigue and excitement to the reels.

Playing the Best Fruit Machines Online

The best fruit machines typically have all or most of the special bonus features that make them popular games to play. Three to five reels are common on fruit machine slots but they will generally only have one pay line much like classic slot games. The special bonus features of the fruit machine slot may appear on the pay line which can then be used to change the outcome of the game, possibly to the players benefit.

Playing online means adequate information is supplied to get better aquainted with the features and many of the best fruit machines are available in demo mode to practice before risking real money. Online casinos offering top rated fruit machines should be licensed and have trusted reputations. This is to guarantee safety when playing for real money. There are plenty of reviews by both professionals and casual players who can guide a new player to the best fruit machines available. There is also ample information online about how to better strategize when playing these games. There is however no guarantee that these methods will always work out in anyone’s favour.

Features of the Best Fruit Machines

The special bonus features of the best fruit machines add action to the game and offer increased potential to win in the same way bonuses at do. This is no guarantee either but they do make the games more enjoyable. These special bonus features include holds; repeats; nudges; cash pots and cash ladders as well as bonus trails.

The hold feature is not a unique fruit machine feature but it allows players to hold a symbol for another spin in the hopes to land a match alongside it. The repeat feature allows the same previously used feature to be used again for one more time. The nudge feature is also not uniquely a fruit machine feature but it allows the reels to nudge down a bit in the hopes of producing a winning combination. Cash pots are types of progressive jackpots where the amount increases as the longer the game is played. Cash ladders flash on the screen and allow players to be awarded with certain prizes by clicking a button. Bonus trails are trails that must be followed and where certain prizes are revealed along the way.