Hong Kong Online Casino Sign Up

It has never been easier for Hong Kong players keen on exciting casino games like roulette, baccarat, keno, mahjong, pai gow, sic bow, fan tan, bingo, poker and slot machine games to sign up to a website to join the fun, and be in line for nice winnings.

There are many large international online casino sites that are available to Hong Kong players 24 hours a day.  Do a little bit of research before signing up to ensure that the website you sign up to offers play in HKD, that they offer your language of choice from their support centre, and most importantly that they offer the online casino games that you are most interested in playing.

Opening Up An Account

While you can play for free and without opening an account on many online casino sites, if you want to play with real money, and also stand the chance of winning real money you will need to start the online casino sign up process. First, find the website that you want to join.  Click on ‘sign up’, this will walk you through a few easy steps, which will include filling in personal information such as name, email and also you will need to send in some identification proof.  This is necessary for all online casino sign up pages.

Creating An E-wallet

Hong Kong players can certainly deposit money with a bank card, but the best way to go about regular online casino play is to sign up for an electronic wallet service.  This makes withdrawing and depositing funds into your online casino account so much easier, as well as quicker and safer.  There are many trusted and well established e-wallets out there; just some of the ones that are trusted and reliable include Neteller, Webmoney, Skrill and many options.

These are just to name a few.  Once you have signed up for an e-wallet and linked either your bank account or bank card to your e-wallet, you then return to your online casino sign up information under your account settings and link the information from your e-wallet to your casino account.  You will be guided step by step and find the process straightforward.

Downloading The Casino Software

Once Hong Kong players have got their online casino sign up completed and linked to their e-wallet, you will then be prompted by the online slots Canada site to download their software to your computer or laptop.  Some websites may prefer you to download the software first, just follow the instructions relevant to the online casino sign up option that you have chosen. They will have slight variations, but will guide you through the process.

Downloading the casino software in Hong Kong is essential for you to have access to the games that you want to play. This will allow quick, real-time play, superb graphics quality, sometimes with 3D options, and incredible sound.  You will in effect be recreating the full casino experience on your computer, allowing you hours of brilliant entertainment on your favourite games.