Joker Poker in Detail for Casino Gamblers Online

Joker Poker is very much like other variants of poker, but with one big difference. In this game, you will be playing with fifty three cards, rather than the normal fifty two cards. This is, of course because there is a Joker added. The Joker is naturally a great help if you want to find those winning combinations.

The game of Joker Poker starts in exactly the same way as any standard video poker game, by selecting the number of credits you wish to stake on each hand. You are then dealt five cards Players assess their cards according to basic poker strategy and try to form the best poker hand possible. The added Joker in Joker Poker works to form the best possible hand in combination with the other cards. In fact it acts like a wild card, and can be used to substitute any other card in the deck to form a winning combination.

Additional Hands are Added

Players of Joker Poker should take note that with the addition of a joker to the pack, certain additional hands are added to the poker pay table. These would include Five of a Kind and a Natural Royal Flush as well as a Wild Royal Flush.

After the first deal you can scan your cards and decide if you have any winning combinations. A natural royal flush, which may occur only after the first deal of the cards, will award you an impressive 5000 coins if you have wagered the maximum amount.  If you don’t have a natural royal flush, you can select the cards you want to replace, but be sure to hold cards that could help you with a winning combination. While the natural royal flush is the hand with the highest value, five of a kind is also a great hand to get, and if you have bet the maximum this hand will give you one thousand coins. A royal flush with a joker as the fifth card will get you five hundred coins. If your hand is a winning poker hand, usual payouts will be made according to the standard poker pay table.

It is Similar to Other Poker Variations

Like blackjack at, Joker Poker is extremely popular amongst casino players and can be found in almost every online casino site. The game is similar to other poker variations such as Deuces Wild, and has a stable software base that has not changed much in the past years. Players are advised to take a little time to practice and become familiar with all the strategies associated with Joker Poker in order to maximise their returns.

A Lucrative Double Feature

Joker Poker also comes with a double feature. This will give you the opportunity to double your winnings. All you need to do is to draw a card that is higher in value than the card drawn by the computer.

Players who try playing Joker Poker will be impressed by the ease with which the game flows, with jackpots that are noticeable higher than those offered in other video poker games. The odds of winning are substantially increased by the addition of the Joker, and anyone looking for a game that is simple to play, offers a good time, and certainly offers chances of potentially great wins.