Online Betting in Detail for South African Punters

Betting online has grown in popularity across the world. With the Internet granting connection to multiple casino platforms both globally and internationally, betting has become a favourite pastime for many in South Africa, with an estimated 29% of South Africans taking part in online gambling.

As online betting South Africa has expanded across the country, a number of reputable betting companies have been formed in order to provide a safe and secure environment for those interested in putting down a wager on their favourite game or team. Online betting can be intimidating at first, with many unaware of what websites or companies to use. It can, however, be a simple and convenient process if you know where to start.

Where to Start Online Betting South Africa

The first thing newcomers will want to do is find a friendly and secure website. It’s important to find a website that caters to the type of betting you want to make, as well a website that meets all national security standards. Security is an absolute must, but fortunately there are a number of requirements that a website needs to adhere to before they can officially handle your money.

The easiest and fastest way to find a website offering wagering services is a quick search on Google, with the country location set to South Africa. Searching using online betting South Africa will provide a list of different sites available. Once a friendly and easy to use website has been located, there are a number of things to look out for before any bets are made. These include security, support, currency, types of games offered, payment methods, and what kinds of promotions and bonuses are available.

Online Betting South Africa Security

Regulation of online casinos is set in place by the National Gambling Board. Using standards set internationally, the National Gambling Board makes it their priority that all betting done within the country is under strict control at all times.

With your website of choice in front of you, the first sign to look for is a seal of approval by VeriSign or eCOGRA, which is usually located near the bottom of the website. eCOGRA and VeriSign are regulatory agencies that monitor and audit all legitimate online casinos. Finding their seal of approval means that all dealings with the website are legal and consistently observed for any illegal activity.

Additionally, should you feel that any unfair activity has been performed; contacting the casino’s support centre should be your first priority. If the matter remains unresolved, you can then contact eCOGRA or Verisign directly. The matter will be taken up by these agencies and the casino will be investigated for any foul play. Contacting the National Gambling Board is also an option, should players feel that their matter was not settled to their satisfaction. All patrons of an online casino website must always feel assured that the safety of their transactions is of paramount importance.

Extra Information

When you are confident that your chosen casino meets all standards, and then it is only a matter of choosing the type of betting you’d like to make. Whether a punter would like to put a wager down on their favourite national sports team of rugby, or want to bet on a match of cricket, they are spoilt for choice.