Overview of 50 Dragons Casino Slot

Overview of 50 Dragons Casino Slot

The dragon is seen as a sign of good luck in Chinese culture, and the 50 Dragons slot game makes liberal use of this common perception. Created by Aristocrat Games, The Fifty Dragons slot game has based all its imagery around the dragon and other popular Chinese culture. The result is a play experience that is a visual feast for the eye, but does tend to lack in other departments.

The soundtrack that accompanies the 50 Dragons slot game, for example, is less than impressive, and there is a rather glaring lack of music. Only rudimentary clicks accompany each spin, and one can’t help but feel that a major opportunity was missed to compliment the visuals with traditional Chinese music. The game play, however, is fun and highly entertaining, making the game still worth a look for both veteran and casual slot game players.

A five reel, fifty play line system is used, with the player is even able to manually select which betting lines they would like to activate, creating a great deal of strategic opportunities not seen in other similar slot games.

Play Symbols in Detail

As already mentioned, the 50 Dragons slot game borrows heavily from Chinese culture. The most valuable symbol in the game is, of course, the golden dragon, who will certainly prove he is a symbol of luck if matched the maximum of five times, considering they payout that will be granted if such a lucky match occurs.

The next most valuable symbols are the peacock and the tiger, followed by the Koi fish, and the standard playing card numbers. The playing card symbols, nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace, again seem like a bit of a missed opportunity, given that they are not even stylised to fit with the firmly Chinese theme. Lets take a look at some of the potential bonuses available in the game.

50 Dragons Aristocrat Pokies

Bonuses and Special Features

Like pokies bonuses NZ, there are two main bonus symbols in the 50 Dragons slot game, the dragon pearl and the golden ingot. The dragon pearl, pictured as an enormous pearl held by a dragons clawed hand, is the wild symbol, and will match with all other symbols in order to create matching sequences. For example, a match may consist of two pearls and two aces, which will result in a four aces payout. Note that the pearl may also match with itself a minimum of three times, and maximum of five times, which grants exceptionally good payouts.

The second bonus symbol in the 50 Dragons slots game is the ingot, which acts as the so called scatter symbol. The term scatter, of course, means that the symbol does not have to be directly adjacent to grant payouts, and may appear anywhere on the reels. Upon matching, the ingot grants a number of free spins, depending on the value of the sequence. A three ingot match will grant fifteen free spins, a four ingot match will grant twenty, and a five ingot match will grant thirty. Note that during free spins an extra wild will be added to the reels, increasing the chances of matches being created.