Razortooth Online Slot Basics for Players

Razortooth, created by QuickSpin, is a unique online slots game featuring a stunning visual design, as well as an impressive interactive soundtrack and many chances to win. The theme is based around prehistoric animals, all of which have been professionally realised with amazing artwork. The soundtrack and sound design are also impressive, and come together to create a truly immersive game playing experience for the player.

In order to win, the player must make an initial upfront bet, after which the five reels will spin. Take note that the game boasts a total of two hundred and forty three ways to win, which is many times more then similar games.

Prehistoric Tile Set

Sticking with the theme, the picture tiles are all prehistoric animals. These include the sabre-toothed tiger, a woolly mammoth, a prehistoric bear, a woolly rhinoceros, and more. Alongside these picture icons are four coloured gems, green, yellow, blue and purple. In order to win, the icons must make sequences from left to right, and may be matched up to a maximum of five times.

The sabre-toothed tiger is the most valuable icon in the game. Note that when matched the icons will be triggered, and animate for extra entertainment value. For more detailed information of how matching sequences work in this game, simply click the playtable button found in the bottom left of the screen.

Major Bonus Icons

Like most slots at, Razortooth has a number of special features and bonus icons. One of these is the Razortooth icon, which can benefit the player in a number of ways. First, it may act as a wild card, and match with any other icon to form a winning sequence.

You may, for example, get two blue gems plus a wild icon, for a winning sequence of three blue gems. Second, if the Razortooth tile matches with itself at least three times, from top to bottom, it will trigger a savage wild bonus, which pays out a substantial amount.

Third, the icons may also match three times from left to right, which trigger the random wild bonus sequence. There is also a bonus icon, easily identifiable, which when matched at least three times will trigger five free spins. During these free spins more matches may be created to compound and grant a greater number of free spins.

Free Play or Real Play

This game may be played for free for as long as the player chooses. In order to do so, simply open the game and an amount of free virtual currency will be granted. This currency may be used as the player sees fit, but will not carry over from game to game.

In order to play for real, please first ensure that you have an active account created with the casino of your choosing, and that funds are available. If you do not have funds in your account, please add funds by using the deposit feature or cashier functionality. These funds will be kept track of, with winnings being saved and available for cash out.