Stud Poker Explained Online

Stud Poker is a variant of poker and in this game players will each be dealt some cards, which are face down, and some which are face up.  Stud Poker is also usually a non-positional game which means that the player who bets first will change as the game progresses.   The 2 most popular forms of Stud Poker are five card stud which was first played during the American Civil War, but in recent years seven card stud poker has become more popular.  Most of the poker variations are based on these two games.

Seven Card Stud Poker

During seven card stud poker players will be dealt seven cards and from this players have to choose five cards.  The player who has the best hand will win.  Seven card stud poker has several rounds that include bets and raises and can be a lucrative game to play as the pot gets larger as the game progresses.  Although Texas Hold ‘em seems to have become very popular, seven card stud poker still has a wide following, both online and in land based casinos.

It is important that players understand the rules of stud poker and it is helpful to play these poker variations in free mode before playing for real money.  Seven card stud poker is easy to play once players have learnt a few simple rules.  Players are given three cards to begin with, two are face down and one is face up.  After that many betting rounds will follow where players call, raise or check.  The last card that is dealt is the seventh card and is dealt face down.  By the time the seventh card is dealt the game would have progressed quite far.  Players then show their hands and whoever has the best five cards will win the jackpot.  If two players both have a good hand the jackpot is split between the two.

Five Card Stud Poker

Five card stud poker starts with each player being dealt a card face down.  The second card is dealt face up and players will then need to make their bets.  The player with the highest value face up card can then check.  If two players have the same value cards the player nearest to the dealer can play.  Once betting for the first round is completed players will be dealt another face up card giving them three cards in total.  The dealer will deal from left to right and then a round of betting takes place.  The player with the best hand during this round will bet first.  Players must then choose their best hand.  Players are then given another face up card and players will need to bet during this round and whoever has the best hand will start first.  Lastly another card is dealt face up and players must place their bets.

Tips when Playing Stud Poker

During Stud Poker players should only play their best starting hands at online casino New Zealand.  Rather fold the weak hands to avoid losing money.  Stud Poker players must carefully observe their opponents, as this will help them plan their playing strategies.  Player should try to remember which hands have been folded so that they can keep track of the live cards (cards still on the table).

Stud Poker is a game that can be enjoyed by all players, but players who are serious about winning will need to ensure that they read and understand the rules and have a good strategy.